the evobuilt team

The EvoBuilt team is a close-knit team of experienced tradesmen all working towards the same goals. We believe that investing in our team and being aligned to the one common goal makes us thrive in a competitive industry. As a result, our aim is to develop skilled tradesmen and guide them on their journey through life and construction.

To achieve the best result as a team, each member allocated a role as either a team leader or a team member. Our team leaders are the planners of our projects. They direct our team members to their tasks and assess the quality of work to ensure the project is tracking along to high standards. Our team members are the executors of our building projects. They set up and clear the site and complete the necessary tasks required to bring the space to life. These two separate roles allows our team to work together cohesively and bring out our best in our building work. 

Our team

Robby Kruyer

Director and Co-Founder of EvoBuilt
Registered Builder

Robby Kruyer - colour

“Were a team that everyone’s proud to be a part of and that means we deliver a service like no other.”

Robby Kruyer

Robby has been in the building industry for 15 years and has worked alongside some of the top leading construction companies in Australia. This experience is the foundation to his extensive knowledge of the construction industry as well as his high demand for Quality control.


His emphasis on team work and a positive culture for EvoBuilt has lead to a group that not only takes pride in what they build but also delivers a service like no other.


He has a strong belief in upskilling and has implemented this into the company culture. This culture encourages members to teach and learn from one another ultimately creating an atmosphere where our passion for success is second to none.

Dean Baldwin

Director and Co-Founder of EvoBuilt
Registered Builder

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“I can’t wait to see what the future brings for EvoBuilt and everyone involved.”

Dean Baldwin

Dean has been a carpenter for 14 years. Carpentry is not only his career but also his passion.


From his early days as an apprentice to the flourishing partnership he now has with his cousin Robby, he feels that there is no greater satisfaction than helping his team learn and grow every day.


His vast knowledge in the domestic and residential sector combined with his experience in the commercial sector proves he is up for anything the industry has to offer. With an unwavering dedication to study through the Housing Industry Association of Australia, Dean has gained his Certificate 4 and Diploma of Building and Construction. He has also obtained many other qualifications over his career with a firm belief that learning is key.

Anthony Cobban - colour
anthony cobban
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Connor Ballingall
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Nimai Disley
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Patty Barge
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Shaun Cohen
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Todd Rutherford
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Oscar Rodoreda
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Tom Perry
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